Friday, January 14, 2011

Still no AF

I never thought I'd be so frustrated by NOT having AF visit. lol  

It's CD41 and no AF and no pregnancy.  What's going on?!  I called my doctor yesterday and all she told me was, "Relax.  You'll get your period."  Oh. Okay then.  Sigh.  To her credit, she did have her receptionist call again today to ask how many days I've been on my progesterone (13), and said she'd call later if she thinks anything is wrong.  

My biggest worry is that I'm just going to stop cycling again.  At least when I have my period, there's SOME hope of pregnancy.  Seeing a million updates on my friends' pregnancies every time I log in to Facebook just reminds me of how abnormal I am.  I know I can block them from my newsfeed, but I feel so bad doing that!  I'm definitely giving up for Lent this year. :)

Luckily, Boomz and I are going to visit some friends and family this weekend, so maybe that'll help to get my mind off of my IF! :)  We're going to see my family tonight, and then head to see our friends on Saturday to celebrate Boomz' 25th birthday! :)  Yay!  He's a quarter of a century old! 


  1. When I thought I was PG during Christmas, a nurse at the clinic told me that her friend kept getting a BFN and two weeks after her missed period she finally got a BFP! So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll be praying this will be a BFP soon!!!

  2. Hoping and praying it is a BFP for you!

  3. It is want to "get it" so you can start trying again!! I understand..but maybe you could be....I am praying!! Keep us posted!

  4. So frustrating these posts of yours...I'm so sorry. I have been reading but can't comment on my phone...Now I'm playing catch up....

    I hate this for you!!!!!!