Monday, January 10, 2011

CD 36

Today's CD36...

My cycles are usually around 35 days long, and I've been trying all day to NOT get my hopes up.  Thank goodness I squashed what little hope I had for this cycle, because I am now having cramps.  UGH!

I'm extremely confused about this cycle anyway, because I had ten days of fertile CM.  That's not normal, right?  I also just had 6C/K on CD33, which is...odd.  It definitely wasn't SF, although that's what my doctor will probably say.  Has anyone else ever experienced CM that late in their cycle?  I would love to hear what the IF Brain Trust thinks about this! :)

P.S.  After writing this post, I realized that I've been a Negative Nelly on here lately!  I promise I'm going to write something happy in the next few days! :) 


  1. Don't worry about being negative... you write whatever you'd like! I am praying for AF to stay away!!

  2. I have peak type mucus at the end of my cycle all the time. I think it's just because of hormone shifts. However, I am also typically the poster child for yellow stamps, and I usually only have a few green stickers on my entire chart! :)

    I too am praying for AF to stay away!

  3. Hi! 10 days of CM warrants yellow stamps. You can see your practitioner for this.

    It can be a sign of cervical inflammation, not something to worry about at all, and can be managed with stamps or by checking with the napro doc.

    Peak type mucus so late in the cycle, specially ore or two day before AF normally is premenstrual mucus. A sign that AF is coming and that the endometrium is at a secretory stage.

    Yet... you had it days before so it can be part of this extended mucus.

    I will pray that AF stays away!!! and that this post peak mucus is something else =)

  4. on what day post peak are you??

    Were you under any special stress that warrented a double peak?

    If you were not stressed and are post peak 16 days I would test.... PRAYING!!!

  5. Honestly, I have no idea what's going on with my cycle! lol I had 6YL on CD29, but that's super late, right? Would that be my peak? I started having peak-type mucus on CD20. I'm so confused! If the 6YL on CD29 was my peak, then I would only be 8 days post-peak. That would mean that my cycle would have to go at least 5 more days, right? And that would mean my cycle would be 41 days long, which isn't good.

    I was a little stressed because we were traveling for the holidays, but it wasn't that bad!

  6. Hi- I sometimes have gotten one or two days of 6P or 6Y post peak...and I usually get my hopes up b/c it is not my norm. I am so glad I read above Mary trying to be...about the "endometrium is at a secretory stage." My FCP never told me good to know!
    I am praying that AF stays away!