Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Drama

The other day, Boomz and I were driving home from a weekend of visiting family and friends, when his mother called.  Boomz' cousin C, had written on her mother's FB wall, saying:

"Since I can't be friends with any of my aunts and uncles on my facebook page I'll give it to them on my mother's......You are all disgusting excuses for people your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and fundamentalist views are sick. It grosses me out that I am related to you people (except you Mom). Its too bad Grandma didn't choose abortion the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th times she got knocked up, seems those stem cells would have went to better use rather than give any of you jerks a brain and a mouth."

So. Evil.  

Most of Boomz' family (on his mother's side) are devout Baptists and nondenominational Protestants.  C's branch of the family is Catholic, but obviously, C doesn't practice.  C has an alcohol problem (even though she won't admit it), and has two children with two different men, both of whom she wasn't married to.  She often accuses the rest of the family (especially my MIL) of pushing religion on her, even though we never really mention it in front of her.  However, at Christmas she seemed pretty happy, and wasn't as belligerent as she usually is!  We seriously have no idea what prompted such an attack on the rest of Boomz' family.   It's really, really sad.  I can't imagine harboring such hate inside!  I love my in-laws; I don't understand how anybody can think such things about them.  

After finding out about C's rant, Boomz wrote a beautiful, private note on FB to his family (including the branch that hates the rest of us) telling them how much he appreciates them.  I sent my MIL a FB message telling her that I'm VERY happy she's alive and that she's a wonderful MIL. :)  Now, my SIL is arranging a family prayer meeting in a couple of days. :)  

Please pray for C and Boomz' family.  C is obviously very wounded.  


  1. Wow. That is AWFUL! I don't understand how anyone could ever think something like that!

  2. Whoa. Sounds like she has serious issues. I think that's wonderful that your in-laws are praying about it. What a blessing to have great, Christian in-laws.

  3. If she has a drinking problem, it is possible she was drunk when she wrote it. That doesn't excuse it, but it might help explain how such a thing came about without any obvious provoking.

    This actually makes me think of something I'm struggling with. Maybe your feedback would help. I have a cousin whom I only keep up with via Facebook. We are extremely opposite and not close at all. We are only friends because we are related. Almost all of his posts are, in my opinion, unbelievably vain. Those that aren't are usually political (we are opposites politically too) or even occasionally disgusting. My husband says I should just "unfriend" him given his posts. It is definitely tempting. The only reason to remain friends is that we are cousins and it is the only way we keep in touch at all. What do you think? Is it worth having unpleasant and even offensive material on your Facebook face just for the sake of keeping in touch with a family member or is it justifiable to protect yourself from such things even if it means you don't keep in touch beyond the occasional family reunion? I thought, given your post's situation, you might have some thoughts on such a thing.

  4. Wow, I'm in a similar situation with MY cousin! She's very pro-abortion and pro-gay "marriage", and I just can't stand her posts. What I did was make it so her posts don't show up in my newsfeed, but I didn't "unfriend" her. That way, I don't have to see her awful posts everyday, but I can still contact her if I want/need to! :) I hope that helps!

  5. I used to have him blocked from my newsfeed. I guess I could do that again. I guess if I do that, I'm just not sure why I have him as a friend anyway if I'm not keeping up with him on my newsfeed. Although I guess it would let me keep up with him when I feel like I could deal with his posts rather than having them littering my news feed. I will try it and see how it goes. Thx.