Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Fertility History!

I figured I should probably write about my fertility history since all the great IF blogs have one.  Eventually (once I figure out how to do linky things), I'll have a button or something on the side linking to this post...I'm so technologically challenged! lol

-Started cycling when I was 12.  AF super heavy and long and not regular at all.  Was told that they might be this way for 2 years or so. 
-When I was 16 I started having hot flashes and scary pressure in my chest.  Went to the doctor and was told I have acid reflux disease.  Skip period for 3 months in a row that year.  
-Symptoms continue throughout the next year.  Skip period for 3 months again.  Go to a nurse practioner who puts me on the Pill.  
-Freshman year of college.  Gain a ton of weight while on the Pill.  Have a reversion experience and stop taking the Pill.  Hot flashes continue. 
-I kind of lose track of what my cycles did around this time since I was so busy with school and church things...I think I skipped a period here and there but wasn't too concerned.
-Sophomore year.  Convinced I have a religious vocation so I stop caring about my cycles even though they were getting shorter and lighter and skipping months.
-Enter convent at age 20 (this will probably be a topic of a post later on lol).  Skip periods now and then, but hot flashes so bad that I almost pass out during prayers.  Go to the doctor who takes bloodwork even though she's convinced I only have an anxiety disorder.  Get a call a week later saying that my FSH levels were 151 and that "something was wrong with my ovaries."
-Health getting worse and worse.  Discern I don't have a religious vocation and leave the convent.  See my family doctor who tells me I'm in early menopause or have a tumor on my pituitary gland.  Completely freak out.  
-See an endocrinologist who tells me I'm "perfectly normal" and is sure I'll be able to have children.  Tells me to gain weight to increase estrogen levels. 
-Get engaged to a man I dated pre-convent (this is months after I left).  Periods still unpredictable.  
-Move closer to fiance (we were 3.5 hrs apart before).  Skip periods for 7 months (August-February).  Convinced I won't be able to have children.  Start NFP ("ovulation method") classes that December and am thoroughly confused because I never have any of the types of CM they're talking about.  
-Go see a NaPro doctor recommended by NFP teachers.  Get tons of bloodwork done at a local hospital.  Don't hear results for THREE MONTHS.
-FSH 165.  Estrogen and progesterone levels low.  Thyroid is normal. 
-Start period in March!!!!! :) :) :) 
-Go see NaPro doctor again.  Get put on natural estrogen and progesterone and told to chart as best I can.
-Get married April 10!!!! :D AF decides to visit during the honeymoon. :( 
-NaPro doctor doesn't understand my charting and says she needs more information to see if the treatment is working.  Start Creighton classes in August.  
-1st cycle with Creighton model is crazy.  Spotting all over the place (never had before). 
-2nd cycle also crazy.  Have "PC" CM pretty much the entire time.  Have tacky CM for one day.  Post-luteal phase is only 6 days long.

This is my 3rd cycle with Creighton, and things are looking a little better now! :)  I had a pretty good mucus buildup this cycle, although my peak day was into Week 4, which is kind of disconcerting to me. 


  1. Girl I totally understand the mucus frustration!!!! Jeesh! I look "fertile" almost all the time when AF isn't in town! (and I'm not, just for the record ;))...Hope it's getting better and better for you.

    And what I really wanted to say is...we got married April 10 TOO!!!!! Crazy!!! :) :) 4/10/10!

    How mean of AF to come on your honeymoon ;(

  2. Yay!! :D I don't know why, but that makes me so excited! lol