Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Most Controversial Facebo.ok Status Ever!

A few days ago I was so excited about having my first 10KL CM ever (!!!!!) that I posted on my faceb.ook: "...loves the Creighton model so much!  It's so much better than regular NFP!".  Now, I figured this would spark some discussion because pretty much all my friends from college are practicing Catholics and almost all of them got married or engaged this summer.  I never expected it to spark 25 COMMENTS! lol  That never happens to me.  Most of them are just curious about Creighton and one friend agreed with me (Yay!), but one person who was recently trained to teach NFP took it upon himself to put me in my place.  He says:  

Scientifically speaking what the Creighton model is doing is eliminating one of the signs. This can be helpful in countries where thermometers are not used or in situations where it is difficult to track temperatures. However since you el...iminate one of the signs it becomes less accurate and because quite problematic for women without consistent CM. The real thing you lose with the Creighton is the confirmation that ovulation has occurred which is only measurable by the temperature. If CM were the only guide then delayed ovulation, although possible to track, would be far less detectable. 

This is going to sound awful of me, but honestly all I could think was, "Blah, blah, blah." :)  I want to say, "If sympto-thermal is more scientific, why does Dr. Hilgers and all the NaPro doctors use Creighton?." And he wrote two more comments within 2 minutes of his first comment!  I really don't know why I'm so frustrated with his comment...I think it just came off as very condescending.  Maybe I'm just being too sensitive. :)

In other news, Friday was my husband's last day at work.  He starts a new job on November 1! :)  This is very scary and exciting for us...his new job has less security but will provide more opportunities for learning and networking.  When R quit his job he said, "Well, this is definitely an opportunity to trust!", and it's so true.  Some days when I start to worry (about health insurance, for example), I try to repeat over and over, "Jesus, I trust in You!".  More often than not, though, I just end up freaking out and texting my husband or waiting until he comes home and attacking him with shrill questions.  lol  Sigh.  I have so far to go!



  1. Well, temperatures aren't exactly reliable! I mean, if you get up out of bed to go to the bathroom, then come back and take your temp, it could be different than if you had taken it before going to the bathroom! Not to mention illnesses you fight off and a slew of external factors that can affect your temps. So, while taking temps along with Creighton might not hurt (so long as you understand it's limitation) mucus is a far more accurate sign for what the heck is going on with our bodies! People get funny about their method of NFP... My diocese teaches the "Bead Method" which was developed locally I think. It's so stupid. It's like a watered down Sympto-Thermal (I have nothing against ST method; works fine when you're not IF) that provides you with colored beads to use as a visual of your cycle (kind of like creighton with colored stickers). Another problem is the teaching materials. They were developed for uneducated tribal Africans that don't even speak English, and they're giving it to people in my State. We deserve better education on our bodies.

    I can totally understand the stress of a different work situation. My husband did that a couple of years ago. It really took a leap of faith for me! But it worked out, even better than if he had stayed at his reliable job. I hope the same for you and will pray for that! :)

    Sorry this comment was long. haha.

  2. :) I don't mind the long comment at all!

    I've never, ever heard of the Bead sounds kind of crazy! lol My husband said pretty much exactly what you said, but this friend was having none of it. He and his wife got pregnant 4 months into their marriage though, so I'm not sure how much they have to deal with messed up cycles. ;)

  3. Oh i really wish I would have been your FB friend on this one!!!!!!

    I would love to show him my sympto charts that I charted for months and they sent them to their "headquarters" and they came back FINE! They were like a jack hammer, unpredictable etc....One month of charting my cycles with Creighton and BAM I was in surgery.....But if I got pregnant after 4 m onths of marriage I would have been gung ho about it to....Breath, Sew, Breath!

    We need to sig TCIE on him! ;) hahahaha

    Sorry this rant is my first comment on your blog! ;) hahahaha :)

  4. So I know you posted his way back in October, but I had something to add. :) in all my research of NFP since charting throughout Creighton, fro
    Nwhat I'm understanding, ST works just fine for someone who has normal fertility. However, if you are having fertility issue, Creighton is definitely the way to go! I have heard too many stories of women charting with ST for years and not getting pregnant. They switch to Creighton, find and treat their problems and are able to conceive. Gave your ever read Matching Moonhead's blog? I believe it's She eiher used to or still does teach ST. However, she is now a Creighton user. :)

    Like I said, I've never tired any other method so I'm a bit bias. We didn't chart at all for the first 3 years of our marriage. But, the thought of remembering to take my temp every single morning at aprox the same time makes me not want to. I'm not so with it that early. :) Once you learn Creihton it's such a no brainer! It has become so routine. I even continued to "check" for a long time after I conceived. It was habit! :)