Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Suspense...

I finally got my blood drawn for a pregnancy test yesterday!  My doctor's office said they'd call me today with the results, but it never happened.  Hopefully they'll call tomorrow morning... I mean, part of me thinks that surely they would have called right away if it were positive, but another part is still holding on to hope.  

Ughhh...I have SO many worries about all of this!  If only surrendering to God's will were easy! :) 

I'll let y'all know what the results are!  I'm sure you're all hanging on tenterhooks. ;)  

P.S. That is the right phrase, right? lol  I can't remember if it's waiting on tenterhooks or hanging.  lol 


  1. Oh my goodness, I am hanging on tenderhooks and waiting on pins and needles! How did I miss this??

  2. Yes, I am! Wait, what are tenterhooks? Either way, I'm waiting anxiously! I know you are sure ready for some answers.

  3. Hoping and Praying for some insight for you.