Sunday, January 16, 2011

CD43 and counting...

AF has not shown up... 

I POAS again on Friday, and no baby!  My doctor called me back and said to stop taking progesterone and I should get my period in a couple of days...We'll see.  

I'm so, so CONFUSED!  I know I've said this already, but I'm really, really worried that I'm going to stop cycling again.  That leaves no hope at all...


  1. I am praying for you!! AF stay away!!!!

  2. I've only been following your blog a little while but I've tried to catch up on your (in)fertility information. One thing is kindof confusing me though.

    I know you've said your doctor has put you on estrogen and progesterone and anxiety meds (be careful of those - I was on Zoloft once when I had panic attacks and it kept me from sleeping; no sleep does NOT help anxiety!) but has any doctor ever actually diagnosed what is wrong? Have they ever definitively said, "You have X."? I'm sorry if you posted it and I missed it.

    I would find it very strange for you to be on Estrogen and Progesterone and stop cycling, but I'm not a fertility expert. Has you doctor explained how or why such a result could occur?

    I hope that if AF doesn't show, it sends a nice BFP in it's place. God Bless.

  3. :) Hi Katherine!

    No, doctor's can't figure me out...Doctors have said, "Oh, you're stressed. Oh, you need to gain weight. Oh, you may have a pituitary tumor. You're in early menopause." But I've never had an actual diagnosis. It's SO frustrating!

  4. I am sorry that you are having a hard time cycling, but more importantly I hope you will finally be able to get a proper diagnosis. Ugh...But I agree with Katherine...I hope there is a nice BFP at the end of this!! ((Hugs)) I will pray for you too!!

  5. I think not having a diagnosis is what would frustrate me the most. I mean, it seems like they are stabbing in the dark to treat individual symptoms without knowing what is wrong rather than determining what is wrong and then saying they will try to deal with it using approach A and if that doesn't work we can try approaches B or C.

    Is your doctor trying to diagnose the problem? Or is the doctor just trying to handle individual symptoms without finding out why you have them? I mean, if they think you could have a pituitary tumor, have the suggested any tests to determine whether that is the case or not? If they think there is something wrong with your ovaries, have they suggested getting an ultrasound to look at them?

  6. Right now she's just trying to fix my symptoms, but I was supposed to get some blood tests done on day 3/4 of my cycle so she could try to diagnose me. Unfortunately (or fortunately-who knows?!), CD1 hasn't come yet, so I haven't had the chance to get my blood drawn. She ruled out the pituitary tumor with some blood work (I honestly don't remember what she tested to determine that). I've had lots of ultrasounds done to look at my ovaries, and when I was younger there were a few cysts on them, but they're gone now.

    Oh, such craziness! :)

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry! What day post-peak/ovulation are you? (CD means little to me since a 43 day cycle would be a GOOD one for me.) I'd be confused, too.

  8. I see. Well, at least she is trying to diagnose you even if it is a bit more complicated. And at least they have rules out the tumor and your ovaries look good.

    As Ann asked, how many days post O are you? Sometimes, given implantation and everything, a BFP can take longer than 14 days. My cycles are generally pretty regular, but I remember one where, even though I Oed on CD15, it took til CD 34 to get BFP. If you are still concerned though, especially about not being pregnant and your cycles stopping, a blood test would figure that out - to check any HCG levels,etc.

  9. I'm sorry! :( I am praying for you, Keep hoping (I should take my own advice) and praying.