Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Real quick...

...before I start writing the courtship post.  Please pray for my husband and his job situation.  His company has placed him in a not-so-good school (examples: a gun got stolen from a teacher's car by some students the other day, and today 15 cops and 5 dogs showed up), and tomorrow he has to go to an inner city school to get acquainted the system before the guy there goes on vacation.  It might not be a big deal, but there are shootings or stabbings or something pretty much every day downtown, so I'm worried. :)  So, yeah...please pray for his safety!  And that he'll be placed in a nicer school soon!  Thank you!


  1. Praying! I am a worry-wart so I completely understand! :) I hope he gets placed somewhere safer soon - and that perhaps he can set a very good example while he is at that other school!

  2. Praying girl...No worries for dini! WE got the sauce man covered...

    My DH is in the hood just about weekly....It's okay... ;)

  3. Praying! I would be worried too! Something that gives me some peace is praying to my husband's guardian angel! I do it every day, and I feel so confident in Bill's safety. :)