Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Really Bad at Thinking of Titles

I am super excited about the election results in Ohio! :)  We have a Republican Governor, a Republican Senator, AND the new Speaker of the House is from Ohio!  I'm so, so happy Nancy Pelosi is outta there (my mother-in-law calls her Pelousy! lol).  I sure hope they all live up to our expectations!

I have a couple prayer requests if anyone out there is reading. :)  My dad just got out of surgery for a hernia so if y'all could pray for a quick recovery, that would be great!  Could you also pray for my husband?  He's really hating his new job. :(  He's also taking 15 credit hours worth of classes online and can barely keep up with everything.  He's so stressed, and my heart just breaks for him.  Sigh.  I wish I could help somehow.

The last two nights I've had disturbing dreams about my legs being really hairy.  I mean worse-than-man-legs hairy!  They are so weird...It's like I have somewhere REALLY IMPORTANT to go to and I have to wear a dress/skirt when I get there I realize I have hairy man legs! lol  I spend the rest of the dream trying to find some way to hide or cover my legs.  And last night Abe.d from the show Commu.nity was somehow involvedSO weird!

The prickly feelings aren't so bad right now! :)  When I woke up this morning my fingers were numb, which was scary, but they're fine now.  I'm trying to keep calm about the whole deal, but it's not working too well. lol

I'm realizing that many of my posts don't have a theme-they're just random things on my mind.  I hope that's not annoying!  

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  1. I hope you get your prickly legs figured out...maybe then you'll stop those dreams!

    I'll pray for your dad and your husband. New jobs can be so stressful, especially for men, who feel the pressure of providing for their wives.