Monday, November 29, 2010

Prayer :)

First, I have a med question.  I'm supposed to start taking progesterone at P+3, but I haven't had any CM this cycle (it's CD 26), so do I still take it?  I'm totally confused about this cycle.  Sigh.

Since deciding to become my little brother's Confirmation sponsor, I've been reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church more frequently, and it has beautiful things to say about prayer!  Here are some of my favorite parts:

"The Son of God who became the Son of the Virgin also learned to pray according to His human Heart. He learns the formulas of prayer from his mother, who kept in her heart and meditated upon all the 'great things' done by the Almighty.  He learns to pray in the words and rhythms of the prayer of his people, in the synagogue at Nazareth and the Temple at Jerusalem.  But his prayer springs from an otherwise secret source, as he intimates at the age of twelve: 'I must be in my Father's house.'  Here the newness of prayer in the fullness of time begins to be revealed: his filial prayer, which the Father awaits from his children, is finally going to be lived out by the only Son is his humanity, with and for men."  CCC 2599

"Adoration is the first attitude of man acknowledging that he is a creature before his Creator.  It exalts the greatness of the Lord who made us and the almighty power of the Savior who sets us free from evil.  Adoration is homage of the spirit to the 'King of Glory,' respectful silence in the presence of the 'ever greater' God.  Adoration of the thrice-holy and sovereign God of love blends humility and gives assurance to our supplications. " CCC 2628

"The second prayer, before the raising of Lazarus, is recorded by St. John.  Thanksgiving precedes the event: 'Father, I thank you for having heard me,'  which implies that the Father always hears his petitions.  Jesus immediately adds: 'I know that you always hear me,' which implies that Jesus, on his part, constantly made such petitions.  Jesus' prayer, characterized by Thanksgiving, reveals to us how to ask: before the gift is given, Jesus commits himself to the One who in giving gives himself.  The Giver is more precious than the gift; he is the 'treasure'; in him abides his Son's heart; the gift is given "as well." CCC 2604

Ahh, I love the Catechism! :D

My own prayer life is...blah. lol  When I was in college, it was easy to be faithful to daily devotions because all of my friends would get together and pray the Divine Office or the rosary, and I lived about 2 seconds away from the church.  I could go visit the Blessed Sacrament at all hours of the night, and there was Adoration two times a week.  Then I went to the convent, and obviously it was easy to be faithful there! lol  Now that I'm married, however, it's easy to let things get in the way of my prayer life.  For the past couple of months or so, however, I've been trying to become more disciplined in all things, but especially prayer.  I've been praying the Morning Offering, the Angelus at noon (this one is really hard for me to remember), and the Divine Mercy Chaplet at three.  I've also been trying to remind myself of the Presence of God throughout the day, and be more faithful about praying the rosary.  Praying the rosary is really difficult for me, because it's so hard for me to meditate.  None of the "methods" work for me.  Mother Angelica and my sisters say to place yourself IN the Biblical story or mystery of the rosary, but I must not have a very good imagination because that never, ever works. :)  Ah, well.  St. Teresa of Avila said she knew a nun that reached the heights of sanctity, and she only knew the Hail Mary and Our Father! :)  So there's hope for me, yet!

What about you all? :)  Do you have any favorite prayers or method of praying?  

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  1. I am also on Progesterone and I have taken it for two cycles starting at P+3. This cycle I haven’t seen any CM and it is now CD13. Usually my CM starts at CD8 and ovulation at CD12-14. I think you have to make sure you have ovulated before starting the progesterone otherwise it might interfere with ovulation if you haven’t yet. Is your preovulatory phase normally this long?