Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay, so, I had posted something earlier today about a womanly issue I was having, but got super uncomfortable with it and deleted it, because I was embarrassed and thought it was probably TMI.  Is there such a thing in the IF blog world?

Question #2) Can coffee effect your fertility?  I've heard pregnant women shouldn't drink it, but can it effect CM or hormones at all?

Question #3) Can somebody explain the Brown Scapular to me?  I've never had an issue with it until a friend explained it to me as something like magic that will make sure I won't go to hell.  I know Ange.lica says that Our Lady promises if one wears is wearing a scapular, they won't "burn in eternal fire", but how can a piece of wool do that?  It kind of sounds like superstition when explained that way (no offense to anybody that wears it-I just don't understand!).  

Shoot...I had another one but I've forgotten.  Oh well.


  1. You are so cute, I read your post and I have no idea what it means...Obviously something is up with that...But that is what the blogs are for and I wouldn't be embarassed.... ;)

    I know there are some women who avoid coffee like the plague, I actually still drink it pregnant...Not all the time and I drink SB's probably a sin, but it is what it is....

    I never really gave up coffee cold turkey....I just love it. :)

    I have a scapula, I don't wear it though....I should but I don't....I went with a girlfriend to a scapula dedication or something and I just can't commit to wearing it..I would love to see others answers....After watching EWTN yesterday, I think I need to wear it. ;)

  2. I read your original post too, but I have no idea what it could be so I didn't comment. Don't be embarrassed! :) We all want to help if we can!

    As for coffee, I drink decaf now only because I get the jitters from caffeine. However, I used to drink two 6 oz cups of half caf in the morning when I was pregnant. But I'm not sure what the official recommendation is.

    I do wear a brown scapular with St. Benedict and St Monica medals attached to it. :) So here is what I know.
    The story on the scapular is that it was originally much bigger and used as a mortification since it was itchy and uncomfortable. It has since gotten smaller but the wool is still intended to be itchy for this purpose.
    You have to have a priest enroll you with a particular prayer. My home parish enrolls all the second graders at the time of their first communion with their first scapular. This only has to be done once, and the enrollment transfers to each new scapular you get over the years.
    Wearing the scapular is a sign of a commitment to living a life of prayer and holiness, and the scapular must be worn correctly with it over the head with one side in front and the other in back or else it doesn't carry the same indulgences. This often requires a discipline if a shirt's neckline allows the scapular to be seen.

    Some say that you are supposed to pray either a Rosary or the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary every day, but I don't think that this is absolutely necessary.

    A good website with information is

    I hope that helped! :)

  3. Thank you both so much! :)

    I've always wanted to wear a scapular, but my priest told me that since I've done the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, it would be superfluous. :( Then, when I was considering doing it anyway, my friend made it sound like a magic trick or something. I talked to my husband about it, and he said that it's the DEVOTION to the scapular (and therefore Our Lady) that would save a person from hell, not the scapular itself. Would that be correct?

  4. Yes, I would agree with your husband. However, the Scapular is the outward sign of this particular devotion so it carries indulgences with it. :)