Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wedding this Weekend

My friends D and J are getting married this weekend.  This may make me an awful person, but I'm totally dreading it.  There are going to be at least three friends there with new babies, and because almost ALL of my friends got married this spring/summer, there is bound to be "baby talk".  You know, lots of people asking when we're going to "start trying" (ha!), why we don't have a little one on the way, when THEY are going to start trying, etc.  Ughhh.  I feel really selfish, because this is our friends' day, but I don't want to be there at all.  Also, I can't stand small talk, and the evening is going to be FULL of it, because my friends and I haven't talked to each other in practically forever.  

Oh!  I just thought of something!  My friend E is getting married in April, so maybe everyone will talk about wedding planning instead!  That would be wonderful! lol  I might just have to steer conversation that way! :) If only I could avoid seeing the babies...

On a different note, I know I'm always begging for prayers, but could you all please pray for a private family intention?  I'd let y'all know what it is, but my family doesn't want people to know.  It's a life-threatening situation, so the prayers would be really appreciated!


  1. Prayers FOR SURE! UUGHH...weddings...

  2. Prayers for you and your family!

  3. Isn't it a terrible feeling that IF sneaks in and ruins the joy of weddings?! Grrr!! I always try and avoid, the people I'm not strong enough emotionally, seeing them for too long. And then I try and enjoy thr rest of the time dancing with my dh-if there's dancing! Ask God to take away your has helped for me numerous times to simply ask.

    You're in my prayers!!!