Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doctor's Appt. Update

Well, I think my doctor's appointment went pretty well! :)  I went in for a regular Creighton appointment, but with my list of symptoms she decided to reschedule the Creighton and just focus on getting me healthy.  

Because I've been having (TMI warning!) vagi.nal discharge for a long time, she was going to do a pap right then and there (which I was NOT happy about lol).  I reminded her that I had just had one and that she noticed the discharge and took cultures during that appointment, but I had never heard the results.  Well, it turns out that my results got filed in the wrong place!  It could have been fixed months ago!  I'm more-than-slightly annoyed about that. lol  Anyway, she's putting me on a Z-pack and some other things (I can't remember what they are and I can't read her handwriting on the script lol), so hopefully that will go away.  :)

For my scary symptoms like my face going numb, dizziness, and stabbing pains (among others), she thinks it's anxiety.  I AM a worrier and over-thinker, so I think some of these things probably are anxiety related, but I'm not sure ALL of them are.  She's putting me on some anxiety meds to see if some of my symptoms go away.  She also ordered a back X-ray for me to see if I'll need surgery for my scoliosis.  Sigh.  All of that makes me very afraid, so I'm not going to think about it.

She totally dismissed the whole hey-I-feel-a-lump-in-my-throat-every-time-I-swallow/breathe/talk thing, which made me not-so-happy.  I told her that you can't feel the lump from the outside, but she felt my neck and was like, "Oh, I don't feel anything.  Everything feels normal." Oh, ok, except for the fact that something obviously ISN'T normal.  Sew would have been so annoyed! lol  I didn't push the issue, since she had already taken such a long time with me, but I plan to next month.

Fertility-wise, she's not sure I'm actually ovulating.  She is encouraged that my body is actually reacting to the estrogen/progesterone, though!  I'm going to get my FSH/LH tested on CD 3/4 and my estrogen and progesterone tested at P+7, and if my FSH/LH levels look better (last time I got it tested my FSH was at 165), she's going to give me clomid!  Exciting! :)

Oh, quick question!  When does everybody reveal their Advent prayer buddies? :)  Since I'll be going to my parents' house for Christmas, I won't be able to blog until I get home.  Would that be okay?  I've loved being a part of Prayer Buddies this time around!  What a blessing! :)


  1. I am going to reveal most likely tomorrow morning, but you can do it anytime - after Christmas is fine. But I bet your prayer buddy would love an e-mail in any event letting you know you were praying for them. You can do the blog thing when you get back. That is one of my favorite parts reading the blog posts about who was praying for who. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, I forgot to say good news about the Dr. appt in regards to the fertility stuff - clomid, etc. Bad news about her dismissing the throat problem, hopefully you can get in to see her again about it soon.

  3. If I learned anything from my mom's illness, it's to not let doctors dismiss any concerns you may have. Please, please, please do not let the doctor poo poo or push aside something you are worried about. You know your body better than anybody. Dr L's great but sometimes you just need to be pushy.

  4. Glad that things went okay! I'm sorry she dismissed your lump concern. :( I will pray that she will listen better next month!

  5. I'm catching up on reading your blog since you just posted on mine. :) Did you ever figure out what was going on with the lump in your throat or did it go away? My sister has issues with her thyroid and that is one of her main symptoms if she forgets her meds. Just a thought... thyroid issues can also be connected to infertility.