Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Survived!

I survived my friends' wedding!  There were about a million babies/toddlers there, but I survived!  Thank you all so much for praying for me (especially you, prayer buddy!).  

I spent most of the evening chatting with college friends, drinking 7 and 7s, and avoiding babies.  lol  Most of it was stupid small talk, and wedding planning talk (virtually NO when-are-you-going-to-start-trying talk!), but I had the chance to have a wonderful conversation with three of my friends about NFP!  One of them, M, is engaged and learning Creighton.  She thinks she has PCOS, which makes me sad, but I'm also happy I may have somebody (in "real" life) to talk to about IF-related things.  Does that make me a bad person?  The other two, thank the Lord, are blessedly fertile, and I made SURE they knew how lucky they are.  When I told them how blessed they are, one of them said to M and I, "Well, at least you don't have to deal with cramps and nausea every month."  This statement was frustrating for two reasons: 1) I DO have to deal with cramps and nausea every month.  I have periods, but I may not actually be ovulating.  2) HAVING TO DEAL WITH CRAMPS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO INFERTILITY!  I didn't say anything because I hate conflict, but really?  I mean, really?  Anyway, that was the only frustrating comment of the night, and the rest of the conversation really was wonderful, so I call it a success! :)

When I came home (to my parents' house, I should say, since we were staying there for the weekend) that night, I found out that my sister bought her wedding dress.  My family went to a store just to look at some dresses, but my sister found one that she absolutely loved, so she bought it right then and there.  I thought it was a little rash, and my feelings were hurt since I didn't get to see my only sister try on wedding dresses, but she's happy so I'm trying to get over myself.  The silver sash around the waist of the dress made her change her colors to black and silver, which means no more butter yellow!  Good news for this pasty girl! lol  

The next day we attended Mass with a friend and had "brunch" with a few more friends who were in town for the wedding.  I put brunch in quotations, because it was really more of a feast!  Our hostesses made bacon, blueberry pancakes, regular pancakes, sausage, various fruits (okay, they didn't MAKE the fruit, but you know what I mean! lol), donuts, pumpkin muffins, and some crazy quiche. :)  It was amazing!  We had some great conversation about rebellion, baptism, and liturgy.  The only thing that put a damper on the meal was the fact that there was a baby.  My friends have a 7 week old baby, whom I could not avoid.  However, she is a very cute baby, and she was often very close to me, so sometimes I would just stare at her like a creep.  IF sucks.  :)

I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend! :) 


  1. Oh are stronger than I am about not saying something after such an insensitive comment! Even if I didn't have the courage to say something I'm sure my feelings would have been written allllll over my face! ;)

    I'm glad you had fun though! Making lemonaide out of lemons! Way to go girlie!!

  2. I am so glad you survived, even with the insensitive comment!!

    And, the feast sounds amazing!!

  3. I too am glad you survived! I don't understand why your friend would make such a comment. :( I just can't imagine anyone thinking that is okay...

  4. [sigh] That's so insensitive. If only they realized that we'd willingly suffer through alot more, if it meant we could get pregnant. While I don't exactly have the same infertility problem as you do, the problem here is that my husband has sperm problems, so I regularly suffer through the cramps and pain of PMS too.