Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest post by St. Catherine of Siena ;)

First, I just want to say something that I know I've said a million times, but I must say it again: Thank you!  All of your advice is so appreciated.  You are amazing and wonderful and so helpful! :)  Thank you so much! 

Not much is going on over here!  I mean, I've had 10KL the last few days, which is confusing the heck out of me since I haven't had a period yet (I have no idea what day I'm on...It has to be like 55 or something), but I'm trying really hard not to focus on my IF.  Thinking about it just stresses me out and makes me unpleasant to be around. lol  So instead of ranting about how confused I am about what's going on with my body, I'm going to let St. Catherine of Siena blog for me. :)  A friend read this reflection to me out of the Magn.ificat a few weeks ago, and it really stuck with me so I thought I'd share with y'all! :)

"I long to see you bound by the same blazing divine charity that moved God to draw us from within himself, from his infinite wisdom, so that we might share in and enjoy his supreme eternal good.  This is the bond that bound and united God to human nature and engrafted him into us after we had lost grace through our sin.  Life was engrafted into death so that we who were dead acquired life through that union.  For God was so engrafted into humanity that one who was both God and human ran like one in love to the shameful death of the cross.  This Incarnate Word wanted to be engrafted onto that tree.  And it was not the cross or the nails that held him there.  These were not strong enough to hold the God-Man.  No, it was love that held him there." 


"It was love that held him there", and I return this love with indifference and annoyance when I don't get whatever I want.  Sigh.  I swear, sometimes I think the only chance I have of becoming a saint is through martyrdom. ;) 


  1. Me too!!!! :-)

    You are a great gift to the Catholic church. Happy Feast Day of the Presentation! Thanks for being a shiny light of Jesus on the internet.

  2. The only chance of becoming a saint any of us have is by the grace and mercy of God.

  3. Ack, you are not the only one who feels so far from Sainthood! Beautiful quote!