Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Facts about Me and My Better Half!

Betty Beguiles posted 10 things about herself and her husband, and as I can never pass up a chance to gush about my husband (which he just LOVES ;) ), I'm going to do the same!

1. When we met at a Catholic youth group on our college campus, he was an Evangelical Protestant determined to convert all of us poor Papists.  Guess who ended up converting. ;)

2.  We fell in love while I was preparing to enter a convent, but I was convinced I was called to religious life and that he was a temptation, so I left him all alone for a few months while I discerned my vocation.  Poor thing. :(

3.  He's a choleric-melancholic and I'm a phlegmatic-sanguine--complete opposites! :)  But we complement each other beautifully, and I love our differences (most days lol).  

4.  We're both proud of our ethnic heritages.  He's Italian and I'm German-Irish.  He's helped me to accept calamari, but he hasn't learned to like sauerkraut. lol  He won't even let me cook it in the house because he thinks it smells so bad.  He doesn't know what he's missing! ;) 

5.  We bought the Rite of Marriage book before our wedding so we could make sure everything was liturgically correct.  :)  No ad libbing for us!  Our priest called Boomz a "groomzilla", because he was so insistent that the Mass was prayed RIGHT.  

6.  "How Beautiful" was the song I walked down the aisle to, and I wasn't supposed to start walking until the line "How beautiful the radiant bride...", but the priest kept nodding at me to start walking, so I felt all pressured and just went.  Unfortunately, Boomz has his eyes shut the ENTIRE TIME I was walking, because he didn't want to see me until the right time.  :(   

7.  I sleep with two comforters and I'm still cold at night, and he barely needs one.  Just another example of how we're total opposites. :)

8.  If you visit, it won't be long before one of us starts talking about the Holy Father.  We're big fans of Pope Benedict XVI over here!  We talk about him so much that our seminarian friend said that it's a good thing Boomz and I married each other, because we both talk about the Pope so much.  I promise we're not stalkers and all of this sounds creepier than it actually is. lol

9.  He makes amazing sauce from an old family recipe.

10.  I make okay cookies from a very new cookbook. lol

I'm so excited to read everybody else's! :)


  1. Your husband sounds wonderful! What a great post! I can appreciate the ethnic heritage section. I am Polish but have yet to embrace any food made with cabbage! All in time (maybe!).......

  2. mm what are these cookies? :)

    I love this post, I should prob do one of my own soon! Cheer up this gloomy day! Thanks :)

  3. I seriously love sauerkraut !!!!!!!

  4. Lol Mary, not YOUR cookies! :) Your cookie recipe is the only one I can make! :)

  5. I'm a HUGE fan of sauerkraut too!! Does he feel the same about all cabbage-related foods?

  6. My Polish in laws eat saurkraut with everything! I am glad I love it too!

  7. Super cute! This was a fun read! I was going to type my favorite is # ___ when I started reading but they all ended up being "my favorite!"

  8. Your post is so beautiful, and so full of love. I'm a huge B-XVI fan myself ;) And I learned early on to call recipes all kinds of things that my hubby wouldn't object to - like quiche was "egg pie" and somehow that worked - so maybe there's a way to disguise the (yummy) sauerkraut!