Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lenten Resolutions

I'm really looking forward to Lent this year!  I've been thinking about my Lenten resolutions since February! lol  This year, I'm giving up TV and face.book.  Honestly, I'm terrified that I'm going to be bored out of my mind for 40 days, because I'm THAT addicted.  Hopefully Lent this year will help me become a little more detached to these things and cultivate interior silence. 
Instead of watching TV and messing around on face.book, I plan on knitting and reading.  I'm not going to restrict myself to spiritual reading, although I plan on doing plenty of that!  I can't decide which book I'm going to start with.  I have a few in mind: Story of a Soul by St. Therese (again), Divine Mercy in My Soul by St. Faustina, or The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur by...Elisabeth Leseur (lol).  I'm feeling most drawn to Divine Mercy in My Soul right now, so I'll probably start with that, but I'd like to read all of these books on my list during Lent.  We'll see how that goes! ;)

Here are my other resolutions:

-Pray the Office of Readings everyday.  It's my favorite part of the Divine Office, and I always get so much out of it, but I'm so lazy and I've gotten out of the habit of praying it.  

-Pray the rosary more often.  I want to say everyday, but I know I'll fall short of this.  I'm not very "good" at praying the rosary.  I can't ever focus or meditate, especially if I pray it by myself, and sometimes I fall asleep. lol  

-Read a bit of Scripture every day.  I think I'll start with the Gospel of Mark.  I haven't read that one straight through for a couple years, and I'm really looking forward to it. :)

-Go to daily Mass at least once a week.  I wake up with Boomz at 7, and Mass is at 8, so I really have no excuse other than laziness to NOT go. :)

 I feel like the Lord is calling me to a deeper relationship with Him, and this Lent is certainly going to help.  I can't wait to know and love Him more!

God, give me the grace to be faithful to these resolutions this Lent!


  1. I love Divine Mercy in My Soul. It is my favorite spiritual reading.

  2. I love it, too! Story of a Soul is my favorite spiritual reading, but I haven't read Divine Mercy in a year and I feel like it's time again. :)

  3. i am going to pray at least morning and night prayer (or morning and evening prayer) every day as well...i am the same with the rosary so i think since the LoTH is more structured i will be less likely to fail since there's no time for my mind to wander ;)

  4. There is a great commentary on the Holy Rosary by St. Josemaria Escriva - don't know if you're familiar? Sometimes I read the comments on the mysteries while I'm saying it... it helps me stay awake and really focus on each mystery. Otherwise, I too find myself nodding off!! (Sorry, Mary!)
    Happy Lent!! :)

  5. Isaiah, I know which book you're talking about! It used to be in the chapel at the parish I went to during college! I totally forgot about it!