Friday, March 25, 2011

Blood Test Results

Well, my doctor's appointment went about the way I expected it would.  My kidneys, liver, (I have no idea why she checked those, but I'm glad she did) and pituitary gland are fine.  My FSH/LH levels are not.  My FSH was 153; in the words of my doctor, "off the charts".  My LH was really high, too, but I don't know the number.  So, I guess I'm in "early menopause", as my doctor said, although I think the term for it nowadays is Ovar.ian Insufficie.ncy.  Basically, I have the ovaries of an 80 year old woman inside a 22 year old body. lol  Dr. L recommended me to an endocrinologist she trusts to try to figure out the WHY behind all of this, and for now I'm still going to be on estrogen and progesterone.  

I'm also severely lacking Vitamin D (even though I take 1000 mg a day), so I have to take 4000 mg a day now!  Getting some sun to help is out of the question for now, because it's a whopping 16 degrees here today, and the highest it's supposed to get in the next few days is 40.  Yay for Ohio! 

I did, however, receive some sweet, sweet vindication from all the millions of tests she took!  My thyroid IS messed up!  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! And so did all of you! :)  My T3/R3 ratio is wrong (I can't remember the numbers), which means I have a kind of hypothyroidism (please correct me if I'm wrong, ladies, because I don't really understand all of this and I'm going off of what my doctor says).  So now I have to take my temperature and my pulse 4 times a day to make sure they have a correct diagnosis so they can give me the right kind of treatment.  So far, my temp has yet to reach 98; the lowest reading so far was 96.57 degrees.  My pulse, however, is pretty high, which worries me.  At 11:00 today my pulse was at 88 beats/minute! 

Emotionally, I think I'm doing okay.  I was expecting my FSH levels to be high, so I wasn't as disappointed as I could have been.  Sometimes thoughts creep in my head like, "I'll never have children. Ever." but I quickly squash them and try to take one day at a time.  I'm trying to trust God's will for Boomz and I, because as horrible as IF pain is, it is temporary even if I am childless my whole life.  Our Heavenly Father has a plan for us, and I don't know what it is yet, but I know that it IS good.  And I'm making myself cry, so I'm going to stop writing now. :) 


  1. So sorry to hear you're dealing with a few different health issues, but at least you are on your way to figuring out what is going on with your body and working to try and heal it! I recently had a wrong T3/RT3 ratio as well and just started taking my temps and pulses 4 times a day last month. I, too, have low temps (in the 97s) and high heart rates (high 80s), so it sounds like we are very similar in that regard. I recently started taking T3, but haven't seen much of an improvement in temps or pulses yet. Let's keep in touch- maybe we can learn from each other. And yes- God's plan is a good one, even though it's so hard to see what that is right now. Keep the faith!

  2. Iam so sorry!!! I dont even know what to say!!!!! Ugh!!!!

  3. Is that a napro dr doing ur thyroid? I would caution napro and endocrinologist since it sounds like u have true thyroid issues. IMHO.....

  4. Well, at least it sounds like things are moving along to figure out the best way to proceed and not just sitting in a void.

    What is the treatment for premature ovarian insufficiency?

    Getting your thyroid on track couldn't hurt either. I'm hypothyroid and whenever it is off it never helps anything. I've been doing the thyroid yo-yo for almost 12 years and it still blows my mind how women with perfectly normal and healthy thyroids screw with them on purpose.

    God does have a plan for you and it is a good one. Hang in there. Prayers for your peace of mind.

  5. I am praying for you!!!
    This is all so bittersweet-bitter for finding out what's actually wrong and sweet for finding out what's actually wrong.

    Keep trusting in God-I'm praying extra for you.

  6. Getting a diagnosis is tough. You want to know what the heck is going on, but it is so overwhelming when you know.

    I'm adding you to my prayers! Could you e-mail me your real name so I can personalize your prayers? (jellybelly_75 at yahoo dot com).

  7. Oh! I was hoping this would be a "quick" fix for you. I'm praying that a sweet baby comes into your life soon. Keep pestering those Carmelite Saints! I'm joining you in prayer.