Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank you! :)

Thank you all so much for praying for my friend!  He talked to the priest for almost two hours, and said that he felt like the priest really tried to understand him.  B says he realizes what was missing in his Protestant life was the sacraments, because his faith back then was based entirely on emotions.  However, my husband says B isn't more disposed to believing in God than he was before the meeting.  I guess it was pretty unreasonable of me to expect this one meeting to entirely change B's opinion, but I did anyway. lol  Father set B up to meet with a good Catholic couple on Tuesday, and B's pretty excited about the meeting. :)  So, at least B is meeting with solid Catholic people in his area (we live 6 hours away from him)!  I just want B to be happy, because he's miserable right now, and I know that, ultimately, only God will be able to do that. :)  If you could please keep him in your prayers, I would really appreciate it!  


  1. Continuing to pray for your friend!!!!!

  2. I am praying!! I have been praying for everyone of your prayer requests, but haven't commented because I am lame. You'll have to forgive me. Your such a great friend to care about him so much!

  3. lol K, you aren't lame! :) You're just busy loving your new little girl! I'm so happy for you!