Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Because I must get that sad post off the top of my blog lol

I feel a little bad about my last post.  I wrote it while I was very upset, and it's so negative and ugly.  I'm still considering deleting it, but I don't want to lose the wonderful comments!  If I ever start feeling that way again, I know I'd want to go back and read all of them. :)  Anyway, I know why I was feeling so down and having mood swings left and right for a few days...yesterday was CD1! :)

I'm pretty happy that CD1 came, because that's two months in a row now! :)  Thank you, Lord!  I'm having bad cramps (although nothing like what you endo girls have.  I'm just not used to them, so I'm being a baby!), and feel sick to my stomach a lot, but I'm trying to be thankful that I'm even having a period. :)

In completely unrelated news, I've just discovered Dow.nton Abb.ey on Net.flix, and holy cow am I in love!  It's about an aristocratic family in 1912 whose inheritance is all out of whack (for reasons you must watch the show to find out), and their servants.  I'm in love with seeing how people used to live (and dress! Ahhh!), and how they were expected to behave.  There's one cringe-worthy scene in the first episode, but other than that, it's been PG the whole time!  Boomz and I are a little obsessed. lol  

Between Dow.nton Abb.ey and this post by Bet.ty Begu.iles, I've been daydreaming about clothes for the past two days. :) I would seriously dress in Victorian garb everyday if it wouldn't make me a social pariah. lol  I long to wear beautiful dresses and skirts everyday, but the dresses and skirts I own aren't appropriate for everyday work.  Sigh.  Oh well.  A girl can dream!  :)

Sorry this post is so boring! 


  1. I want to wear more dresses so badly!!! Trying to find cute ones at good prices is so hard!

    So glad you seem to be getting regular cycles! yeeeah! :) hugs!

  2. Yay for CD1! (that seems wrong to say that to an IF girl...)

    I love Down.ton Abbey too! I watched it when PBS aired it earlier this year. They're making a season 2! The rest of this season's Maste.rpiece classics have been really good. You can watch two other series for free for a limited time here: Upstairs Downst.airs and South Ri.ding are similar--mostly PG except for a scene or two.

  3. DH and I love, Love, LOVE Dow.nton Abb.ey!!! We can't wait for the next season to come out. We watched it a few months ago and I want to re-watch it :)