Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas and Prayer Buddy Reveal!

Merry Christmas, my friends! I know, I know, it's December 28th, but we Catholics have a whole Christmas season, so I'm not late! Boomz and I had a nice, mostly uneventful Christmas, though my family didn't talk about Jesus or His birth at all. So sad. :(

This Advent, I had the honor of praying for dear Hebrews 11:1! I was so happy when I received my prayer buddy assignment...I think I seriously went "Eeeee!" lol I offered up a decade of the Rosary for her everyday, my Holy Communions, and my everyday little sufferings. I hope the graces were felt! :)

Ahh, I planned on writing more, but everything is crazy right now. I'll write more tomorrow!