Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Weekend Update!

First, thank you all so, so much for your comments on my last post.  They were such a comfort to me! Thank you so much! :)

My friends' wedding this weekend was wonderful! Boomz and I arrived at the hotel the night before the wedding (so we wouldn't have to wake up super early and drive 4.5 hours the day of the wedding), and saw several of our friends who were also already there. We all gathered in the hotel lobby for drinks, where, after drinking a rum and coke which was much stronger than I'm used to, I blurted out that I can't have children. I'm now super embarrassed about the way it came out, but I'm glad it's out in the open now. :) I also had wonderful conversations with some of my friends about struggling to find Catholic community now that they're out of college. It made me realize how much I miss my college friends and the conversations we used to have. We may not talk for months at a time, but when we finally see each other we just pick up where we left off. :) 

Before the actual wedding, Boomz and I went to a parish near the hotel run by Dominicans for Confession. :) It was so, so wonderful! I looked behind me and there were Dominican sisters in full habit! My heart leapt a little bit, because I thought they were "my" sisters, but they weren't. :) The priest I went to Confession with was so patient and warm (but not fuzzy!), and I was so happy afterwards. After Confession, we went back to our hotel room to get ready for the wedding.  Before Mass, while Boomz and I were trying to prepare to receive Holy Communion, we had people right behind us talking VERY LOUDLY about their careers. Then, there was the constant mention of children (and rightly so), which made me start sobbing. I cried throughout the whole homily and for a little while afterwards. Fortunately, that was the only breakdown I had that day. UNfortunately, I acted like a brat for several hours after the Mass. I didn't want to talk to anybody right after the Mass because I was still upset, and once we got to our hotel room (there was a couple hours between the Mass and the cocktail hour), I didn't want to leave! I wanted to mope in our huge hotel bed and eat chocolate (which I did, for a little bit lol).  Our friends invited us down to their room before everyone left for the cocktail hour, where I discovered that the run in my hose was now three inches wide and very close to the hem of my dress. Well, I couldn't just enjoy myself and the conversation because I couldn't stop thinking "what-am-I-going-to-do-I-didn't-shave-my-legs-because-I-was-planning-on-wearing-hose-because-of-my-giant-bruise-on-my-shin-and-I-don't-have-time-to-shave-now!", which I repeated out loud a few times, until Boomz decided we'd go to Wa.lmart right before the cocktail hour and buy some new pantyhose. He said there was a store right next to the venue, which turned out to be wrong, which made me throw quite the hissy fit, since I would have to walk around with hairy legs for all to see! I got over it once I started eating some hors d'oeurves and had a little of a rum and coke. :) I was able to talk to my pregnant friends without breaking down, and even made tentative plans to visit one of them sometime soon. :) Nobody made any insensitive comments, and there wasn't too much pregnancy talk (around me, at least!).  Overall, I had a wonderful time, and I'm still feeling blessed by the conversations I had with everybody. :) Thank you for all of your prayers! They're surely the reason I didn't break down more often that night!

I'm sorry this is such a boring post!


  1. God bless our understanding husbands and chocolate! Sounds like you were a trooper through a tough day! Sending you hugs and prayers!

  2. GOOD JOB!

    Hey, you be gentle with yourself. Remember, even Jesus fell down 3 times while carrying the cross. It's not how often you fall, it only matters how many times you get back up.

    Keep going strong today!

  3. So glad no one (besides the loud church people, how annoying) said anything insensitive. Small miracles. :)