Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Couple of Questions for You :)

Boomz and I are looking into buying a house, which means we can finally buy the dog we've been longing for for over a year now!  The only thing is...we can't agree on a breed to save our lives. lol We both prefer larger dogs (with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels being the exception for me!), but all of the big dogs I like drool like crazy. I just don't know if I could handle having dog drool all over everything! Boomz said he wouldn't mind having a not-giant dog, but it can't bark or shed that much, and it must have a big head. lol  Yes, you read that right. Boomz likes "stocky dogs". We also don't want a crazy-hyper dog that we can't leave alone in the house. So, all you dog-owners out there, what kind of dog do you have and why do you love it (or not love it lol)? :) Maybe this will help Boomz and I decide what kind of dog to get. :)

I've been thirsting for some good spiritual reading lately. Do any of you have any suggestions? :) I especially love saint biographies-autobiographies are even better! I want to re-read St. Teresa of Avila's Vida, but there are so many different translators and I'm not sure which one is best. Do I get the easy-to-understand version or the most literal translation? Any advice for me fellow Carmelite-lovers? lol

Thanks in advance! :)


  1. I guess I have to say I'm a bit biased, okay a lot biased, but Labradoodles are great. They typically range in the 50 to 70 area, but our Jack tips the scales at 100 pounds. He sheds very little, has a big head, and has a sweet personality. You get the best qualities of a Lab and a Poodle all rolled into one.

  2. We've had 3 Golden Retrievers. Whether or not they are well-behaved has a lot to do with breeding - make sure the mom and dad are calm! If not, you could end up getting a crazy one (like we have now)!

  3. Get the one from the official Carmelite source--easy to understand and super correct in terms of translation. ICS Publications (Institute of Carmelite Sudies) Washington D.C.

    I still owe you help in finding a local Carmelite chapter. I'm sorry my resources are all in boxes--but here is the "official" connection--say your a lay person interested in finding a local Third Order--Vocation Director's Office, 1525 Carmel Road, Hubertus, WI 53033. I promise to follow up in case it take you a while to hear back from the big vocation office.

    (This is Jon's wife, Abigail from Abigail's Alcove)

  4. Wow, Abigail, thank you so much! I don't know how I haven't heard of this website before! Thank you! :)

    Please don't worry, I know you're so busy right now! But thank you for that address! You're so wonderful!

  5. I'm going to suggest a Shar Pei - IF you are willing and able to socialize him/her like crazy :). They do shed, but they are stocky and by nature of their breed easy to housetrain and very smart. Just be sure to check with the breeder and meet the parents - we have a shar pei mix that is not friendly, but it's because we failed miserably at socializing her.

    I do have to say that our 'little' dog is the complete opposite of a dog we would have picked out, but we rescued her in a right time/right place situation and she is an absolute joy (even when she chews my shoes).

  6. Pleeeeeease don't go to a breeder!! I will have to get on my very large soap box if you do!!!! I'm about as passionate about that issue as Sew is about organic/homemade products!!!!

    Too many dogs are being put down daily, and with 4 sisters/SILs who are vet techs/dogsitters/pet store owners/shelter volunteers I can tell you that the overbreeding of dogs causes more health problems in them. No one should be breeding dogs, or cats, in today's society where so many need homes. It's like IVF for animals when there are orphanages overflowing with them ;)

    Ok. Done :)

  7. Cavalier! Get a cavalier! And, so as to abide by TCIE's previous comment (which I generally agree with although I have less of a problem with breeders who are responsible--and I must confess--don't hate me TCIE!!--our cav pup did come from a (good) breeder but our other dog was a rescue), a great cav rescue site is www.cavalierrescueusa.org. They have rescue sites all over the country so you can have access no matter what region you live in.

    Do it do it!! Cavaliers are the best!

  8. What about rescuing a Grey Hound? I've heard great things about the breed: very family friendly. I met some great rescued Grey Hounds this past weekend: one was almost 100 lbs.

    My DH and I don't have dogs yet. We have talked about rescuing: either a Grey Hound or just finding a mut we like at the pound. :)