Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Help! :)

My sister's wedding is THIS WEEKEND and I'm the Matron of Honor and I still haven't written my speech. How awful is that? I just have zero clue about what to say. I keep trying to think of funny stories (my sister even texted me saying: "Your speech better be funny!" Ahhh!), but it's not working. The only stories I can think of are either horribly embarrassing or make me look like a brat. lol I don't really know the groom all that well, since I was living 3.5 hours away during their entire courtship, so I can't really poke fun at him. Do any of you have some advice about this kind of thing? I was thinking of just giving up on being funny and just giving them some short, practical marriage advice, but I can't think of any of THAT either! lol All of my advice comes from a religious perspective, and my sister and her fiance aren't religious, and neither are our families. Do you any of you have some practical, not-cliche marriage advice? I'm freaking out about all of this because I only have today and tomorrow to write it, because after that I'll be going home to help out with all of the wedding craziness.

I have a prayer request for y'all! My husband won't be attending the wedding because he will be going to a Theo.logy of the B.ody Symposium and pilgrimage in Rome and Assisi. We were both invited, but obviously it fell on the day of my sister's wedding and so I can't go, but my sister said she wouldn't mind if Boomz went, which was very gracious of her! :) Could you please pray for safe travels for him? I've got horrible thoughts running through my head about everything that could possibly happen to him while he's gone. What if the plane gets hijacked? What if the plane crashes? What if there's an earthquake? What if he meets a beautiful Italian woman and runs off with her and never comes home?! Just teasing about that last one, of course! ;) This will be the longest I've been away from him (nine days!) since we've been married. Please pray for him!

P.S. I'm so glad I'm back to blogging. I've missed you all! :)


  1. On the story front ... maybe a funny story of you and your hubby of what not to do (hubby approved, of course). That's hard ... I will have the same problem with my sister in about six months or so.
    The good point is that your toast doesn't have to be super long ... maybe 2 minutes? Talk slow. :)
    Prayers for your hubby during his travels and for you both being apart.

  2. Yes, I'm with Perfect Timing--a funny marriage story would be good too.

  3. When I gave the speech at a friends wedding, I said the really (lame?) cliche joke where you have the groom place his hand on his brides (And you act like you're going to give them a blessing or something really sweet) and then say "savor this moment. because it is the last time you will have the upper hand"...and everyone laughed soooo hard and ppl thought it was just great. haha. I got it off the internet ;) lol.
    I'm sure you'll do GREAT. A friend of mine wrote a SONG when she was the MOH and I think that's just making the rest of us look bad. haha. not cool ;)

  4. and ps - prayers for you and your hubby - I know how hard it is to be apart for that long! Glad you have the wedding to keep you busy!!!

  5. I will pray and I'm glad you're back!

  6. My hub wrote a best man speech on the way to the wedding...haha. The internet has some great ideas, he just googled... Best wishes and prayers for a wonderful weekend and safe travels.