Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wonky Cycle Continues

Well, after a few days of reprieve (and great CM, by the way), AF is back. Yesterday it was light, and today it's light to moderate. Sigh. I have no idea what's going on, and I can't call my doctor until Tuesday, because she has really weird hours. I should have known AF was going to come back, because during the four days of not bleeding, I was super irritated and emotional. Boomz couldn't say anything without getting a look or me tearing up. It was bad! On top of the crazy cycle, I've been getting really discouraged about my hair again. It just keeps thinning and thinning, and I get really upset about it. I'm afraid to brush my hair because of how much falls out. On top of that, nobody I talk to believes me that so much is falling out because my hair is so long. I hear things like, "Girl, you have a ton of hair!" and "What are you talking about? I don't notice anything." My doctor even said that "these things happen" when you're going through "the change". Nothing helpful, there! When I was getting my hair done at my sister's wedding, the stylist mentioned a product called, which helped one of her other clients with hair loss. Have any of you ever heard of it? Most of the reviews are good, but I did read something about a few women losing hair after using it due to "operator error". I want to try it, but I'm scared to lose even more hair. What would y'all do? 

I'm sorry this is such a boring post! These are the two things that have really been on my mind lately, so I just had to blog about it!


  1. So, I have no idea about the wonky cycle, but I am always petrified that I'm losing my hair as well! My mom has thin hair and so do I, so it has always scared me that I'd go bald!

    I have Nioxin. I have used it a lot and have not lost any more hair. I don't know if it is b/c of that or not. I do not use it daily, just a few times every now and again to spread out how long it lasts. I also take Biotin, a supplement my doctor recommended to avoid hair loss. :)

  2. You could try using wide-toothed combs instead of brushes. Combs don't tug out hair nearly as much as brushes do. You can minimize breakage by not brushing at all, only combing and only doing so when your hair is dry. When your hair is wet, only comb it through with your fingers, since it's fragile in that state. Comb starting from the ends then up to the roots.
    I have difficult hair so I know this stuff, lol.
    If you really want to try something wacky, people say doing a vinegar rinse invigorates hair. I do it every once in a while.

    P.S. - you are so not boring! :)

  3. I had some serious hair loss before my wedding and before my latest surgery -- apparently this is how my body reacts to stress. It was so frustrating that my doctors would just brush it off because I have thick hair.

    Never apologize for what you post! You need to vent girl! That's what blogging is for!

  4. I have used Nioxin and like it. It seems to prevent further hair loss and possibly promotes some hair growth. I've never experienced any bad reactions to it.

    I hope you can get your cycle sorted out. :(

  5. Oh, how scary! I am praying, praying, praying that you can get some answers to your crazy cycle. And as the other ladies have said ... post anything you want! You never know when it might help someone!!! And we can also pray for you too. :-)